"The first revolution occurred from 1952/53 as musique concrète, electronic tape music, and space music, entailing composition with transformers, generators, modulators, magnetophones, etc, the integration of all concrete and abstract (synthetic) possibilities within sound (also all noises) and the controlled projection of sound in space.”
Karlheinz Stockhausen

It’s the year 3014 and the fascination with space has reached a peak. People all around the planet are becoming more and more perceptive to life outside of the planet.
Combining the cosmic elements of afrofuturism with the synthetic abstractness of musique concrète, a style of music is created that interrogates the historical events of the past in a way that denies the reality of life as it is known to humans and carves the path for a new way of listening which engages humans to use superior senses to connect with exocranial emotions.


from Sonic Fiction, released June 2, 2014


all rights reserved



Georgie Falmouth, UK

An undeniably acoustic act from Kent, playing in Cornwall.

''Then on came the fantastically colloquial Georgie, who understood her audience completely and her personal originals were easily relatable. The awesome dynamic control with the heart felt lyrics got the crowd swaying and emotions flowing in the sweltering afternoon. '' - Training Them Live ... more

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